COVID-19 is having a huge impact on the country and it is up to every one of us to play our part to ensure that the spread and effects of the virus are limited as much as possible.

As this unprecedented situation continues to develop, the safety of our employees, customers and suppliers remains our top priority.

Guided by the World Health Organisation (WHO), international best practice and directives by the South African Department of Health and National Institute of Communicable Diseases, Real On Tap is implementing precautionary measures across the businesses to mitigate the risk of virus transmission.

Below are some of the measures that we have put in place, but the fight against COVID-19 remains a collective responsibility. We advise all customers to also follow the personal hygiene guidelines as set out by the WHO and the National Department of Health.

  • All contact points in our warehouse are being sanitised hourly
  • All staff have been issued with sanitiser and need to wash and sanitise their hands on a frequent basis. This includes directly before and after handling any of our equipment
  • Our driver sanitises his hands upon arrival at clients/customers/suppliers and proceeds to cleanse and sanitise any equipment/kegs before transferring them between his vehicle and the clients/customers/suppliers premises
  • Before uplifting any equipment from clients/customers/suppliers premises, the equipment gets cleansed and sanitised
  • Upon arrival back at our warehouse, any equipment/kegs get placed in the receiving bay where our staff immediately cleanse the equipment accordingly and then sanitise the equipment
  • Any staff member with cold or flu symptoms will be sent home on sick leave
  • When prepping any of our equipment/kegs for delivery, staff members cleanse all equipment before sanitising it. Again, before loading the equipment into his vehicle, the equipment gets sanitised again
  • No alcoholic beverages will be transported between the hours of 18h00 and 09h00 Monday through Saturday, and between 13h00 and 09h00 on Sundays. This is to comply with the governments regulations around the transportation of alcohol

Real On Tap endeavours to continue operating at full capacity during this time and continue supplying our customers with equipment and product.