Darling Brew Arrowhead Stout - 20L

Darling Brew Arrowhead Stout - 20L

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Rare velvet. A dark stout, surprisingly smooth and flavourful with a rich, tan head. 

A near-black Russian Imperial Stout infused with Madagascar bourbon vanilla, smooth coffees and hints of dark chocolate. Experience a truly unique flavour from the sweet malts and warming alcohol with just a touch of hoppy bitterness.


  • Hops
  • Roasted Malts
  • Filtered Water
  • Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Seeds


The Namaqua Arrowhead, is a rare butterfly native to regions in South Africa & Namibia. Adults take wing from September to November showcasing their unmistakable beauty and rugged softness contrasting the harsh, arid environments they call home.

Supplied in client owned 20L kegs. 30L keg pricing on request, keg deposits will apply.