Darling Brew Black Mist - 20L

Darling Brew Black Mist - 20L

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Naturally majestic. A blacker than black ale with an inviting creamy head. The edgy black.

Darling Brew Black Mist - a black porter with a creamy light tan, almost white head. Roasted coffees and dark chocolates come to the fore. A light bitterness is discernible, but this definitely is a malt-forward beer.


  • Malted Barley (Gluten)
  • Hops
  • Yeast
  • Filtered Water


  • South African National Beer Trophy:
    • 2018 – Best Dark Beer Trophy
  • Craft Brewers Pow Wow:
    • 2017 – Silver Medal


A majestic raptor found in the mountains throughout Africa. Often like mist never seen. Thought to be fairly safe from threats as it lives high in the mountains, recent surveys show an alarming distribution range reduction. A project has been set up to better understand the situation and birdwatchers are encouraged to report their findings to http://sabap2.adu.org.za. Many birds of prey still suffer heavy persecution through illegal poisoning, habitat destruction, illegal animal trade and being knocked over by vehicles.

Supplied in client owned 20L kegs. 30L keg pricing on request, keg deposits will apply.