Darling Brew Rogue Pony - 20L

Darling Brew Rogue Pony - 20L

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Cryptically bold. A not to edgy ale with a mid palate body & balanced to perfection. 

Easy-drinking pale ale. A light to medium malty base, and fruity esters in the nose. The hop bitterness is mild, with a gentle aroma of hop bringing the final touch.


  • Malt Barley (Gluten),
  • Hops
  • Filtered Water


With its black and white hide, the Plains Zebra is one of the most characteristic savannah species of the savannah. There are 6 sub-species on the African continent, mostly in the eastern and southern parts of Africa covering vast ranges. The zebra’s habitat is shrinking, and migration routes have been blocked through human encroachment and fencing for disease control. The Plains Zebras are now extinct in Burundi and Lesotho.

Supplied in client owned 20L kegs. 30L keg pricing on request, keg deposits will apply.