Darling Brew Slow Beer Lager - 20L

Darling Brew Slow Beer Lager - 20L

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Exceptionally rare. A rich golden lager that refreshes with light bitterness for everyday enjoyment. 

This iconic South African craft lager refreshes with a real hops flavour rounded off with a mild bitterness. A great thirst-quenching beer for those long summer days. Brewed slow, made perfect for any occasion.


  • Malted Barley (Gluten)
  • Hops
  • Filtered Water


  • African Beer Awards:
    • 2018 – 2nd Place: Best Lager under 5%
  • South African National Beer Trophy:
    • 2017 – Silver Medal
  • Craft Brewers Pow Wow:
    • 2017 – Gold Medal


Our initial inspiration for Slow Beer came from one of the rarest tortoises in the world, the Geometric Tortoise. Its striking colours, black and yellow, are reflected in our branding. Geometric Tortoises are endemic to the Western Cape, and with less than 2000 left in the wild, it’s now listed as a critically endangered species. Its greatest threat is the animal trade and habitat destruction.

Supplied in client owned 20L kegs. 30L keg pricing on request, keg deposits will apply.