We have partnered with Swagga Breweries to bring you the finest hand-crafted beers available:

California Blonde

DESCRIPTON: Brewed in the true style of the Californian blonde beers, this is a lightly flavoured beer. It is a very easy drinking beer. It is a hybrid ale (an ale that drinks like a lager) with neither the malt nor the hops dominating the flavour.

California Blonde Flavour:
Easy drinking with some maltiness, some bitterness and some ester fruitiness.

4.8% ABV | Bitterness 18 IBU’s | Colour 11 EBC

– 20 Litres

African Porter

DESCRIPTON: This porter appears black when poured into a glass but is a dark rich mahogany colour when held up to the light. Brewed to be a drinkable dark beer full of roasted malt flavours. It also has a smoothness on the palate.

African Porter Flavour:
Roasted aromas dominate, smoky burnt toast with coffee and dark cocoa notes with hints of toffee.

4.5% ABV | Bitterness 22 IBU’s | Colour 180 EBC

– 20 Litres

Country Ale

DESCRIPTON: A quaffable pale ale with low maltiness and a pleasant hop aroma. This is a beer drinkers’ beer, crisp and refreshing with dryness from burtonised water (very hard brewing water) and some astringency from the hop polyphenols.

Country Ale Flavour:
Mid strength beer with a good bitterness and East Kent Goldings as a classic English ale aroma hop.

3.8% ABV | Bitterness 26 IBU’s | Colour 15 EBC

– 20 Litres

Irish Red

DESCRIPTON: The dominant flavours are provided by the speciality malts giving the colour, the biscuity roasted grain flavours and the deep red malty hues when the beer is held up to the light. The hops provide medium bitterness to balance the maltiness, but the focus is mainly on the malt so the hop aroma is very low.

Irish Red Flavour:
Medium maltiness and roasted malt.

4.5% ABV | Bitterness 30 IBU’s | Colour 30 EBC

English IPA

DESCRIPTON: This popular English IPA has the highest alcohol level of all the Swagga brands. The 5.8% alcohol is balanced by a higher hop bitterness and rounded off with a fruity red apple ester. This classic is less assertive (in your face) than an American IPA.

English IPA Flavour:
Medium maltiness and roasted malt.

5.8% ABV | Bitterness 43 IBU’s | Colour 14 EBC

Kristall Weiss

DESCRIPTON: Weiss beer is a Bavarian specialty. It has an emphasis on the characteristic flavours, produced by the yeast during fermentation. Normally this type of beer is served as a cloudy heffeweiss, this beer is filtered to produce a crystal-clear version of the summer Bavarian favourite.

Kristall Weiss Flavour:
Characteristic clove and banana fruity esters overlay a bready wheat beer.

4.8% ABV | Bitterness 14 IBU’s | Colour 10 EBC