Restaurants, Bistro’s & Coffee Shops

Small restaurants, bistro’s & coffee shops… these are the establishments that Real On Tap specialises in supplying! We have the ultimate solution for these establishments to have a wide range of beverages On Tap.

Traditionally the major breweries, and even the smaller micro-breweries have neglected these kinds of establishments due to minimum volume turn over stipulations.

Real On Tap provides the best solution for serving great craft products! Due to the fact that the product is cold-stored and temperature regulated at a low temperature, the shelf-life and quality integrity of the product is extended dramatically.

No more kegs sitting in a hot environment, next to industrial chillers that are pumping hot air directly onto the keg, in effect ‘spoiling’ the beverage! This results in less spillage, less wastage, less dumping due to the beverage ‘spoiling’.

Further to this, Real On Tap believe in maintaining the cold-chain. From the brewery/distillery/roastery directly to our cold room storage in our warehouse, through to the establishment that will be serving the beverage to the public… we maintain the cold-chain!

We have various solutions for the restaurant industry, from a single tap fridge that holds 2x 20 litre kegs, a double tap fridge pouring two different beverages, and even a fixed tap installation on a bar counter, Real On Tap can supply the restaurant with exactly the solution that is required!

Real On Tap distributes a range of different craft beverages, including:

And yes, Real On Tap can also supply the trade with commercial beverages from your traditional large breweries.

We are continually researching new beverages, and are soon to launch some exciting new product lines such as Real Cold Brew Nitro Coffee and Real Ice Tea!

Further to just supplying the equipment and beverages in kegs to the restaurant industry, Real On Tap also services and hygienically cleans and maintains the equipment as well as the supply and replenishment of the gas that is required to dispense the beverage.

All in all, Real On Tap is your One Stop Shop to ensure that your restaurant, bistro, pub or coffee shop serves Real Drinks, On Tap, All the time!

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